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You can receive your test result from a coronavirustest as a text message on you mobile phone, you can check the result on the My Kanta Pages or you can contact your health care station to ask about the results.

  • The person who is in quarantine should stay at home, but his/her family can otherwise continue to live a normal life.
  • Being at home means restricting social contacts and travelling. Contacts of over 15 minutes with other people should be avoided.
  • Running errands, such as going to the grocery store, outside of the home is not recommended. Instead, it is recommended that a family member/another close person does this until the test result has come back negative.
  • Being outside is allowed as long as contact with other people is avoided. Family members are not in quarantine.
  • If you have been put into quarantine according to the Communicable Diseases Act, a negative test result does not end the quarantine: you need to follow the instructions on quarantine until the end of the quarantine.

If Your Coronavirus Test Result is Positive

If your coronavirus test result is positive, you will receive a text message with short instructions that you must follow. Please acquaint yourself carefully with the instructions. The goal is to contact persons over the age of 60 by phone if the test result is positive.