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If you have no underlying diseases and have mild symptoms in the airways and your general condition is good, it is usually not necessary for you to contact the health care services or to seek out coronavirus testing in the health care services. We recommend home testing for everyone who has symptoms of an infection in the airways, for example fever, a runny nose or a cough. For more information, see Coronavirus advice and testing.

When to get tested at Soite?

Adults should seek out coronavirus testing in Soite if they have symptoms that are a sign of a coronavirus infection and in addition to that:

  • the person has serious symptoms
  • the person who is ill belongs to a risk group
  • the person who is ill is pregnant
  • the person who is ill works in social or health care
  • the person needs the result for a COVID-19 passport (in other words, has not been vaccinated two times)

A child under the age of 12 must be tested for the coronavirus in Soite if s/he has symptoms that fit the coronavirus and her/his symptoms require an assessment by a doctor (and a coronavirus test according to the doctor).

A child over the age of 12 must be tested for the coronavirus in Soite if s/he has symptoms that fit the coronavirus and s/he belongs to a risk group of serious coronavirus disease.

Always contact Soite without delay if your condition requires it.

Instructions on booking an appointment to coronavirus testing

Booking an appointment online:

You can contact Soite online by using the coronavirus check-up in the Omaolo service.

If your symptoms require it, your contact information may be sent to Soite or you can book an appointment for testing at a drive in site via the Omaolo service. A link for appointment booking is offered to you after you have filled in the check-up if your symptoms require testing. If you do not have a car, please call Soite’s coronavirus helpline.

Booking an appointment by phone:

You can also call us and a professional in Soite will assess your need of care. If needed, we will ask you to come to our unit and for a coronavirus test.

Adults, persons over the age of 15 who have become ill:

  • The coronavirus helpline, phone 06 828 7499. The helpline is open Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm.
  • The common emergency clinic (i.e. yhteispäivystys/samjouren), phone 116 117. If you require urgent care.

Persons under the age of 16 who have become ill:

  • Soite’s paediatric emergency clinic (lasten päivystys/barnakuten), phone 06 826 4444. Open 24/7.

Coronavirus testing

Patients with symptoms of the common cold or the coronavirus are tested and treated at the infection receptions at the health care centres as well as at the paediatric emergency clinic at the central hospital.

  • the main health care station in Kokkola (open Mon-Fri from 8 am to 4 pm. The visiting address is Mariankatu 28, 67200 Kokkola, entrance H).
  • The paediatric emergency clinic, i.e. lasten päivystys/barnakuten (open 24/7, at the Central Ostrobothnian Central Hospital i.e. Keski-Pohjanmaan keskussairaala/Mellersta Österbottens centralsjukhus)

Kokkola also has a drive-in testing site, which only has lanes for cars. It is possible to come to the drive-in testing site only by car. You must book an appointment before you come to a drive-in testing site!

  • In Kokkola, the drive-in-testing site is located at Libeckin kulma at Kokkola’s main health station (Mariankatu 28). Drive in from Terveystie. Coronavirus testing of children can also be done in the drive-in car lane. Drive-in testing is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The drive-in testing site is only meant for coronavirus testing and no other examinations are done in the lane. While in the drive-in-lane, you must act in accordance with the displayed instructions. 

The drive-in testing sites at Kannus health centre and Tunkkari health centre were closed on June 1st. In Kannus and Tunkkari, coronavirus tests are taken only on the basis of an assessment of the need for treatment.

The result from a coronavirus test should be awaited in home quarantine, so as not to potentially expose others to the coronavirus, for example in the workplace.

Receiving test results as a text message

If you wish, it is possible for you to receive the result from coronavirus test done in Soite as a text message on your mobile phone. A separate consent is needed for this. 

The consent for sending text messages can be activated electronically in Soite’s Omahoito service: The consent for sending text messages is in the section “Contact info”. To make it possible to send text messages to you, please check both of the boxes concerning text messages.

We recommend that you also check your other information in “Contact info” to make sure it is up to date.

The test results can also be checked on the My Kanta pages, or you can contact your own health station to ask about the results. The results come back in 1–5 days on average. Before the results have come back, the person who has been tested should be in home quarantine.

If your coronavirus test is positive

If your coronavirus test result is positive, you will receive a text message with short instructions you must follow. Please acquaint yourself carefully with the instructions.

If your health gets worse, call Soite’s common emergency clinic, 116 117 (persons who have turned 16) or the paediatric emergency clinic, 06 826 4444 (persons who have not yet turned 16). Please mention during the call that a coronavirus test has been taken.