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Stop the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Take the coronavirus vaccines – They protect you against the severe forms of the disease. 
  • If you become ill, stay at home until you are healthy. If needed, take a home test. For more information, see Do this if you suspect a coronavirus infection
  • Remember your hygiene: hands, mask, safety distances and ventilation.

A recommendation on the use of face masks

The recommendation on face masks by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is followed in the area.

It is recommmended that you continue to use masks in indoor public spaces and on public transport if:

  • you seek treatment or a test because of suspected infection with coronavirus
  • you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, but you need to move outside your home
  • you know that you have been exposed to the coronavirus, for example, if someone in your family has been diagnosed with an infection, but you are not able to avoid close contacts outside your home.
  • you visit a social or health care unit or ward
  • you belong to a risk group and are in a premises where close contact cannot be avoided

Please note!

A face mask recommendation is still in effect at Soite’s units. Staff and patients/clients should use a face mask, i.e. a surgical mask that covers the mouth and nose, in the facilities of social and health care units where patients, clients or residents are treated or examined. It is recommended to use face masks also in waiting spaces and in wards.

Coronavirus safety in the workplace

  • It is recommended that employers utilise a so called hybrid model where some of the work is, if possible, done remotely in turns, so that only some of the personnel is present at the workplace at the same time.
  • It is recommended that meetings are also held according to the hybrid model, i.e. partly remotely
  • The employer is responsible for coronavirus safety in the workplace.
  • Use of face mask is required when working in social and health care.
  • Workplaces are advised to spread out breaks and to maintain safe distances.

Protecting the elderly and risk groups, recommendation on more carefulness

  • The elderly and risk groups should still be given particular consideration.
  • During visits to hospital wards and residential units, the special guidelines by THL (in Finnish) should be followed. Check the updated instructions regarding the unit before your visit.

Recommendations concerning travelling

Instructions for people arriving from abroad