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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

MDFT (Multidimensional Family Therapy) is an intensive method of family therapy for helping adolescents and their families.

The key objective is to make the interaction between the adolescent and the parents more constructive and to integrate the new operating models into the everyday life of the family. This is achieved through intensive work involving all persons and quarters that are relevant from the standpoint of the adolescent (e.g. school, psychiatric services for adolescents and child welfare). The change must take place wherever problems have arisen. When the causes of an adolescent’s problems are diverse, the work must tackle all different areas of life at the same time. Adolescents who have a variety of problems benefit from intensive work.

In MDFT, one MDFT employee works closely with the adolescent and the family in their everyday life and makes sure the work progresses. The family does not need to be in contact with many different quarters. Instead the employee makes sure the work progresses on all levels.