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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Psychiatric outpatient clinic services for adolescents

The psychiatric outpatient clinic services for adolescents focus on the assessment of the young person’s situation and treatment planning. Care agreements are made together with the young person and the parents.

The outpatient clinic’s forms of treatment include individual therapy and family- and network-oriented work. The outpatient clinic also offers counseling and consultations. The activities are confidential and the staff is bound by confidentiality.

Who are the services intended for

A young person aged 13-18 living in Central Ostrobothnia can seek out the outpatient clinic services for adolescents for the following reasons, among others:

  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • different fears
  • sleep difficulties
  • depression
  • self-destructivity
  • eating disorders
  • severe psychological crisis situations

The outpatient treatment in youth psychiatry works without referrals. The specialized psychiatric care services are carried out in cooperation with school healthcare, student welfare and other basic level partners. The young person and the parents are therefore first in contact with, for example, the school nurse or the curator.

The eating disorder team Verso

The eating disorder team Verso is part of the outpatient clinic services for adolescents and many professional work groups work there. The team treats young people and adults with a diagnosed eating disorder.

Ward 17 for psychiatric services for adolescents

Ward 17 serves young people aged 13-17 and their families. The ward operates in a family- and network-oriented manner. The principles of community care are implemented in the ward’s homelike environment. The inpatient ward has room for 10 patients.

You can seek out the ward’s services by referral. Before starting treatment, it is is recommended that you visit the ward to get to know it.

Ward care is needed:

  • when a young person is experienceing a serious crisis
  • as an examination period to examine the young person’s symptoms or life situation
  • as a period of treatment if outpatient care services are not sufficient support for the young person

Problems can be e.g.

  • difficulties related to the young person’s growth and development
  • psychotic symptoms, isolation
  • stuck at home with no plans for the future
  • problems in the family and difficulties in relationships
  • difficulties in school
  • behavioral disorders
  • depression
  • self-destructivity
  • fears, anxiety
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • eating disorders

Content of the treatment

  • ward care can take the form of a shorter crisis treatment, an examination period, a longer treatment period, interval or day hospital care.
  • for each young person, an individual examination and treatment plan is prepared together with the young person and their parents
  • the young person has a personal nurse with whom they can discuss their issues
  • the treatment includes examinations by a physician and, if necessary, tests by a psychologist and a social worker’s services
  • meetings are held with the family
  • the ward’s community treatment includes group discussions and functional methods
  • the hospital has its own hospital school for primary school children
  • medical treatment is used to support other treatment forms
  • if necessary, the young person can make home visits by agreement
  • the staff has an obligation to observe professional secrecy

Principles of our ward community

  • individuality
  • respecting each other
  • good manners
  • integrity
  • responsibility


Children under the age of 18 are charged a treatment day fee for seven days of treatment in a calendar year.

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