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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

If your coronavirus test result in a home test is positive, consider it as valid as a positive result from an official laboratory test. If a home test is negative and you have symptoms, it is a good idea to repeat the test several days in a row or with two-day intervals. Even if you get a negative result in a home test, it does not mean that the incubation period is not ongoing and that the disease may not be detected later.

If you get a positive result in a home test and have no underlying diseases, have mild respiratory symptoms and your general condition is good and you do not need a sick-leave certificate for your employer, you do not usually need to contact the health care services or to seek out coronavirus testing in the health care services.

Your occupational health services or your health care centre can write a sick-leave certificate based on a home test.

A positive result in a home test may be verified in the health care services if:

  • the person has severe symptoms
  • the person belongs to a risk group
  • the person is pregnant
  • the person works in social or health care services