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The goal of outpatient psychiatry is to strengthen the patients’ mental health. Our services are confidential, free of charge, voluntary, and no referral is required. Multiprofessional working groups are responsible for psychiatric assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. The working groups’ service locations are in Kokkola, Kaustinen, Perho, Kannus, Toholampi, Kälviä, Lohtaja and Ullava.

You can seek out mental health services within the primary health care services by calling the adult psychiatry outpatient services’ helpline for advice and assessment. You can seek out psychiatric specialized health care with a doctor’s referral.

In urgent situations, contact your local health centre, the psychiatry hotline or the joint emergency services.

Kela’s rehabilitative psychotherapy helps in a situation where a mental health disorder impairs the ability to work or study.

Kela’s group rehabilitation offers you support in managing your life situation, as well as ways to understand the challenges caused by the mental health problem and to solve practical problems.