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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

A youth forum, a developer group “Kokemusta rikkaammat” (An experience richer) has functioned in Kokkola from the autumn of 2016. In the developer group, talking about problems is turned into talking about solutions. We do not wallow in problems and instead try to solve them. The group is not therapy, but it can be therapeutic. A person who is an expert in child welfare by experience makes use, in the developer group, of their own life experience and the life experience of other adolescents. Each person decides for themselves, however, how much they want to share about themselves.

An experience richer:

  • the target group is adolescents and young adults
  • there are meetings approximately twice a month
  • influencing both locally and nationally
  • peer group for adolescents
  • lectures

Come and develop child welfare together with other young people!