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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The goal of childbirth classes is to strengthen the expectant mother’s own resources and help her prepare for the upcoming birth. The classes cover preparation for childbirth, the different stages of childbirth, and pain relief options. In connection with childbirth classes, we also visit the facilities of the labour ward.

A good time to participate in a childbirth class is after about the 35th week of pregnancy. The classes are about 2-3 hours long. It is preferable that you do not bring children with you to childbirth classes.

Signing up for a childbirth class

The labour ward of the Central Ostrobothnia central hospital has an online appointment booking system for childbirth classes. Create your own user account and sign up for a class via the link below. You can also cancel your enrolment via the same link if you are not able to participate.

Information about labour and preparation for it can be found on the website of Terveyskylä Naistalo (available in Finnish and in Swedish). On the breastfeeding peer support website Imetyksen tuki, you can find instructions and tips for various breastfeeding situations.