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The purpose of orthodontics is to offer as many children and youths as possible a bite that functions well. In order for orthodontics to be successful, long term commitment is required of the child and of the parents.

The development of the child’s bite is checked at a dental clinic when the child goes for check-ups.   If needed, the child is referred to orthodontics. Small irregularities and small dental crowding does not usually require orthodontics.

Orthodontics is specialized care and can take several years. There are different kinds of orthodontic appliances, either removable and fixed. A removable appliance must be removed from the mouth when brushing the teeth. The orthodontic appliance must also be thoroughly cleaned daily. When using a fixed appliance, the teeth must be brushed particularly carefully.

We hope a parent/guardian takes part in the child’s dental health care visits.

Screening exams for pupils

An orthodontic screening is performed on all pupils on the third grade at the latest if the bite has not been assessed before. An invitation to the exam is sent home.

In the Kokkola area, orthodontics is mostly carried out at the dental clinic at the health care centre. Some of the treatment is carried out at the dental clinic in Torkinmäki in Kokkola.

When it comes to Lestijokilaakso and Perhonjokilaakso, an orthodontist pays visits in accordance with agreement.

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An orthodontic screening is performed on all pupils. Pupils are asked to come for an orthodontics visit in accordance with an individual patient care plan.