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The child, parents who are considering giving up a child for adoption and persons who wish to adopt a child must receive adoption counselling both before and after an adoption is confirmed. Adoption counselling applies to both domestic, international and intrafamily adoptions. The purpose of adoption counselling is to supervise the best interests of the child.

Adoption counselling helps applicants assess their capacity to be adoptive parents and prepare for parenthood. In the counselling it is examined whether the preconditions for adoption exist and whether it is possible to agree on the contact between the child and the child’s previous parents.

Adoption is a judicial act. It entails the transfer of the rights and responsibilities of the parent to the child’s adoptive parents. The child is given the same legal status in the adoptive family as a biological child.

The adoption relationship cannot be terminated. 

I Soite, adoption counselling is offered through the organization Save the Children.

The adoptive parents can receive parental allowance after the child has entered the family, as well as childcare allowances as the child grows up.

You can apply for an adoption grant from Kela for various costs when you adopt a child from abroad.