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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The Anchor model is based on cooperation between several authorities, where different authorities work together. Professionals work closely together as a group, bringing their professional expertise and the support and expertise of their own organisations to the team. Anchor-work is carried out in the entire Soite region.

Thanks to multi-professional cooperation, customers receive comprehensive and quick support and guidance from a single place.

The office of the Anchor team in the Soite area is at the police station in Kokkola, where it processes crimes and criminal acts where the suspects are under the age of 18, as well as child welfare notifications made by the police and other authorities concerning the use of intoxicants or criminal activities by an underage person. 

The Anchor team meets with the adolescent and the adolescent’s guardian as early as possible, so that the adolescent can be appropriately supported and, if necessary, referred to the right assistance or support.
When concern for an adolescent arises, do not hesitate to contact the Anchor team, so that we can find a solution to the situation together. 

Get to know the Anchor-work:

You can also get to know the Anchor team on the Instagram account @ankkurikokkola