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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Family work entails discussions and guidance and trying, together, to find ways to make everyday life easier and to find solutions for problems concerning parenthood and care (interaction, daily rhythm, boundaries and rules, doing things together). Family work is also giving guidance when it comes to taking care of matters

Family work can also be carried out as a meeting with activities (an excursion to a lean-to, sledding, bowling etc.). Family work professionals can refer the family to hobbies that the family can have together or to the child’s own hobbies.

How do you become a client?

A social worker in services for families or child welfare assesses the need for family support together with the family, and one alternative may be family work.

Who is the service meant for?


  • with underaged children
  • who wish for support concerning their own functional capacity and resources
  • who wish to strengthen their everyday routines and their own know-how
  • who have challenges concerning parenthood
  • if there are questions concerning a child’s or adolescent’s growth/development/raising them
  • if interaction between family members is a challenging
  • if there is a change going on in the family
  • if the support from the close network is not sufficient