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Current Coronavirus Information in Soite’s Area on May 30th 2022

The current situation of infection 

The situational picture for the coronavirus disease and the need for hospitalization remain unchanged in the Soite area. During last week (week 21), a total of 230 new coronavirus infections were confirmed in Soite’s tests. Last week, circa 860 coronavirus tests were taken. The share of positive tests was 27 %. This does not include infections confirmed through home tests, so the actual number is even higher.

Seventeen COVID-19 positive patients are currently being treated at Central Ostrobothnia central hospital. Of these patients, five are in hospital care for reasons other than a coronavirus infection. There are currently no coronavirus patients in intensive care. 

Soite will no longer be publishing regular updates on the coronavirus situation. Starting from June 1st, no more messages about the coronavirus situation will be published and the situational picture on the coronavirus web page will not be updated. Updates to the vaccination indicator will cease as of June 1st. We will continue to monitor the coronavirus situation and inform about it in the future as needed and depending on how the situation develops. 

The drive-in testing sites at Kannus health station and Tunkkari health care centre will cease their activities by June 1st. The coronavirus vaccinations continue throughout the summer. The timetable for the walk-in days will be updated on Soite’s coronavirus website:

Starting from June, Kokkola’s drive-in-testing will be closed on Saturdays. Starting from June 1st, Kokkola’s drive-in-testing is open on weekdays and on Sundays from 8 am to 4 pm. 

The key figures in the situational picture have been updated: 

  •      Infections during last week: 230 (a week ago 291) 
  •      In hospital care: 17 coronavirus patients 
  •      Number of infections in the last 14 days 523 (a week ago 563) 
  •      The incidence of infections during the last 14 days/100 000 citizens: 676 (a week ago 727) 
  •      Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 25 coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in Soite’s area   

Instructions for preventing infection 

In order to minimize the risk of infection, it is still important to follow the coronavirus hygiene recommendations i.e. wash your hands, use a protective mask and maintain a safety distance. You can go to work or school only if you are completely healthy. 

The face mask recommendations issued by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare are observed in the Soite area. It is recommended that face masks should be used in public indoors spaces and public transport, if: 

  • you seek care or coronavirus testing due to a suspected coronavirus infection 
  • if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection but cannot avoid going outside your home 
  • you know that you have been exposed to the coronavirus, for example if an infection has been confirmed in your family, but you cannot avoid close contacts outside the home 
  • if you visit social and health care service units 
  • if you belong to a risk group and are in a space where you cannot avoid close contacts. 

Please note! A face mask recommendation is still in effect at the Soite units. Staff and patients/clients should use a face mask, i.e. a surgical mask that covers the mouth and nose, in the facilities of social and health care units where patients, clients or residents are treated or examined as well as all facilities visited by patients or their loved ones, including in the lobbies and corridors.

It is recommended that employers in the Soite area utilize the hybrid model for remote work at workplaces so that employees take turns to work from home part of the time, as far as this is possible, so that not everyone is at the work place simultaneously. 

Coronavirus testing and home isolation 

Home testing is recommended as the primary method for confirming a coronavirus infection. Home tests are recommended for anyone who has symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as a fever, a runny nose or a cough. We recommend repeating the home test again after a few days if the symptoms of respiratory infection persist. 

If the coronavirus test is positive, you should stay in home isolation. The duration of isolation at home for a person who has become ill is 5 days starting from the day their symptoms began or the day they were tested, regardless of vaccination protection. The day the symptoms began or the testing day is day 0. During the duration of the home isolation, you have to avoid all contacts outside your home. 

If you contact your occupational health services or health care centre, they can write a sick leave certificate for 5 days based on a home test. The Act is in effect from 28th of February to 30th of June 2022. Read more in the message on the Finnish Government’s website (in Finnish). 

If you have received a positive result from a home test and are generally healthy, have mild respiratory symptoms and overall are feeling well, you do not generally need to contact the healthcare services or seek out coronavirus testing within the healthcare services. 

If you need a medical certificate A for sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease for your employer, a positive home test result has to be confirmed within the health care services. Due to the Health Insurance Act being changed, you have to contact your own occupational health services or health care centre for a medical certificate A. Soite’s Infection Control Unit no longer issues medical certificates A. 

Current instructions are found on Soite’s coronavirus website: 


It is important to take the coronavirus vaccine, as the vaccine protects you from serious forms of coronavirus disease in particular.  Please take the coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible if you have not yet done so, or if you have not yet taken the booster vaccine doses. 

Additional information and the timetable for the walk-in days can be found on Soite’s coronavirus website:

An appointment for a coronavirus vaccination may still be booked online on or by phone on the number 06 828 7488. Phone hours Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. You can also book an appointment via your health care centre.