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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Soite has prepared to expand the vaccinations with a fourth coronavirus vaccine dose on August 1st in accordance with the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s latest recommendation. Earlier today, the institute published a recommendation that vaccinations with a fourth vaccine dose should be expanded to include certain population groups already in July or no later than August 1st.

According to Pirjo Dabnelli, Soite’s chief medical officer, the COVID-19 situation has remained calm in Central Ostrobothnia, which is why vaccinations will continue on a small scale throughout July, in accordance with the current plan. Vaccination activity will increase again from the beginning of August.

According to the Institute’s latest recommendation, from the beginning of July, taking into account the regional epidemic situation, municipalities can begin a series of phases where they offer a fourth vaccine dose to persons who have a medical risk of severe coronavirus disease, in the following order: 1) 70-79- year-olds who do not belong to any medical risk groups, 2) 18-69-year-olds who belong to medical risk groups and 3) 60-69-year-olds who do not belong to any medical risk groups. For the time being, the recommendation does not apply to 12–17-year-old members of risk groups or to social and healthcare professionals who still have good protection against severe coronavirus disease.