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The regional coronavirus situation

An increasing number of coronavirus infections have been confirmed in Soite’s area during the summer. The number of infections has begun to increase as the Omicron variant BA.5 has started to become more common in Soite’s area. A majority of the samples that were sent for further examination, sequencing, in the end of June were of the BA.5 variant.

At the moment, it is difficult to assess what the exact number of infections is as a majority of those who have become ill confirm their infection through a home test, as is recommended. The number of visits to Soite’s coronavirus testing sites has increased, however, and about 200 coronavirus tests are taken daily in Soite. Last week, 34% of these were positive. In the last 14 days, 608 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Soite and the regional incidence for 14 days is currently 786/100,000 citizens. In reality, however, the number of infections is considerably higher than this.

The BA.5 variant of the coronavirus is very infectious, but it leads to a milder version of the disease than before. Ten patients are currently treated in the hospital for COVID-19. Patients with COVID-19 have not needed intensive care during the summer.

Preventing infections:

  • Take the coronavirus vaccines. They protect you against the severe forms of the disease.
  • If you become ill, stay at home until you are healthy. If needed, take a home test. More information on Soite’s coronavirus website: Instructions for when you suspect a coronavirus infection.
  • Remember the hygiene: hands, mask, safe distances and ventilation.

It is recommended that you continue to use masks in indoor public spaces and on public transport if:

  • you seek treatment or a test because of suspected COVID-19 infection
  • you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, but you need to move outside your home
  • you know that you have been exposed to the coronavirus for example if someone in your family has been diagnosed with an infection, but you are not able to avoid close contacts outside your home.
  • you visit a social or health care unit or a ward
  • you belong to a risk group and are in a place where close contact cannot be avoided

Coronavirus vaccinations

Soite expands fourth coronavirus vaccinations to all 60-69-year-old persons on week 33 (from 15th of August 2022). In other words, a fourth vaccination is available for all persons over the age of 60 from week 33 onwards, i.e. both for persons who belong to a risk group and for persons who do not belong to a risk group. Fourth vaccine doses are still also given to 70-79-year-old persons and other persons who have a right to a fourth vaccine dose. More information on the age groups that have a right to a vaccination and information on vaccination intervals is found on the coronavirus page.

Fourth coronavirus vaccinations for 18-59-year-old persons who belong to a risk group for a severe coronavirus disease start in the next few weeks in Soite’s area. We will inform about the more exact timetable later.

In Soite’s area, you may seek out coronavirus vaccinations by booking an appointment or by going to a walk-in vaccination. Additional information and the timetable for the walk-in days can be found on Soite’s coronavirus website: Coronavirus vaccination.

If you like, you may book an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination online on or by phone on the number 06 828 7488 (telephone hours Monday-Friday 9 AM – 3 PM). You can also book an appointment via your own health care centre.

You may have to wait at the coronavirus vaccination site and we, therefore, ask for your patience. You may go for a coronavirus vaccination to any of Soite’s vaccination sites.

Please note!

A person who has had COVID-19 and has received three vaccine doses does not need a fourth vaccine dose, as an infection equals one vaccine dose. 

A vaccination day is arranged for 5-11-year-old children in Soite’s area on Tuesday 9th of August 2022 from 9 AM to 3.30 PM at Kokkola health care centre (address: Mariankatu 28, 67200 Kokkola). An appointment for a vaccination must be booked in advance in DigiSoite’s Omahoito service. More information in a separate bulletin.

If you become ill

We recommend home testing for everyone who has symptoms of a respiratory infection, such as fever, a head cold or a cough. We recommend doing the home test again after a few days if the symptoms of respiratory infection persist. Home tests is also suitable for testing children. The result from a home test is more reliable if the test is repeated several days in a row or with 2-3 day intervals.

Persons of all ages may seek out coronavirus testing in Soite if needed. Please contact Soite’s coronavirus helpline 06 828 7499 (open Monday-Friday 8 AM – 4 PM) or by filling the symptom checker in the Omaolo service.

You will find more information on the criteria for when to seek out coronavirus testing in Soite on the website: Instructions for when you suspect a coronavirus infection.

Please also read the instructions on treating COVID-19 at home.