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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, municipalities and wellbeing services counties will in the future offer state-provided coronavirus vaccines. These will be used for the vaccination of all persons and demographics for whom a doctor at a social and health care unit of the public or private sector (including occupational health services) deems it justified, provided that none of the contraindications in the vaccine’s summary of product characteristics apply to the person receiving the vaccination. More information in the Ministry’s bulletin.

Soite is preparing for the expansion of coronavirus vaccinations and is waiting for more detailed guidelines from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. Coronavirus vaccinations will until then continue in accordance with The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s current instructions.

A fourth coronavirus vaccination is currently offered to everyone over 60 years old, persons over 18 years old who belong to risk groups 1 and 2, and severely immunocompromised persons over the age of 12. In connection with the influenza vaccinations, the autumn winter 2022 coronavirus vaccine booster dose is distributed to those over 65 years of age, those who are at least 18 years old and belong to risk groups, and those over 12 years of age who are severely immunocompromised. The age groups eligible for vaccinations and the vaccination intervals are listed on Soite’s website:

Paxlovid antiviral medicine is prescribed according to national guidelines

The Paxlovid antiviral medicine developed for the treatment of coronavirus infection is in use in Soite. Treatment with Paxlovid requires careful evaluation, and decisions regarding the initiation of Paxlovid treatment are always made by a doctor. In Soite, the medicine is prescribed according to the national guidelines drawn up by all the university hospitals.