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Like Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, Soite follows the institute’s guidelines for coronavirus vaccinations, updated on 16th of November 2022. According to the recommendation, the new coronavirus booster vaccine doses for the fall-winter of 2022 will be distributed in connection with the flu vaccination:

  • to those over 65 years old
  • to persons who belong to risk groups and are aged 18 and older
  • to severely immunocompromised persons over 12 years of age.

These target groups have the highest risk of severe coronavirus disease. We remind you that taking the booster vaccine is important for members of these target groups.

The recommendation does not include healthy adults under the age of 65, as they still have good protection against serious disease and a low risk of severe disease..

In exceptional cases and for special reasons, based on individual consideration and risk assessment, a booster dose can also be given to other people over the age of 18, for example due to the requirements of a work assignment or the destination country of a trip.

The Institute’s coronavirus vaccination recommendations are based on a medical and epidemiological assessment of the effects of vaccinations at the level of the entire population and the national vaccination strategy. The regional epidemic situation is also still being closely monitored in the Soite area.

Coronavirus vaccine booster dose

For the target groups of the 2022 fall-winter booster dose (coronavirus vaccine given in conjunction with the flu vaccine), it is no longer calculated how many booster doses a person has previously received or how many times they have contracted the coronavirus.

However, the person must have received the basic series of vaccinations. The basic series includes two vaccine doses, three for the immunocompromised. A coronavirus infection is counted as one vaccine dose for people under 65 years of age.

Image source: The Finnish Institutet for Health and Welfare

The age groups eligible for vaccinations and the vaccination intervals are listed on Soite’s website: