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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The coronavirus testing changes in Central Ostrobothnia Joint Municipal Authority for Social and Health services Soite in the beginning of 2023. As of then, coronavirus testing is only done, in accordance with nationwide guidelines, based on an assessment by a professional.  At the same time, the coronavirus vaccination practises change and vaccinations are based on appointment booking.

Coronavirus testing in Soite changes as of the 1st of January 2023. From the beginning of 2023, the temporary legislation on the “expanded” sickness allowance on account of an infectious disease stops being valid with regards to COVID-19, and coronavirus tests are performed only on medical grounds at Soite’s testing sites. This means that clients are referred to testing only based on an assessment by a professional in the health care services. In this way, it is possible to target care, e.g. starting medication with Paxlovid or prevention of thrombosis, for those who need it. A client can then no longer book an coronavirus test via the Omaolo service or via the My Healthcare service. Instead, s/he must contact his/her own health care station or the coronavirus helpline 06 828 7499.

Persons who do not have a chronic illness, should treat a COVID-19 infection the same way as a normal cold and should stay at home until the symptoms have eased clearly. Previously, it was recommended that a person with COVID-19 should avoid contact with other people for five days after the symptoms have begun. Now a person with COVID-19 can act as when having a cold and can return to a normal life when the fever is gone and the symptoms have eased clearly. If the general health worsens or if the symptoms are serious, the health care services should be contacted, as is the case even when having other illnesses. More information can be found in the press release by the Finnish Institute for health and welfare THL (the text is available in Finnish and in Swedish).

Coronavirus vaccinations based on appointment booking

The walk-in vaccinations end on the 1st of January 2023 and after that a coronavirus vaccination must be booked in advance either by phone or online:

The vaccinations in Kannus and Toholampi are moved from the parish centres to the health care centres.

The booster doses of coronavirus vaccine given at the end of autumn/beginning of winter are recommended for those who are over the age of 65 and for persons who belong to a medical risk group. All of Soite’s vaccination sites offer the possibility to take the influenza and the coronavirus vaccine at the same time if one has the right to both vaccines. The age groups that have the right to vaccinations and the vaccination intervals are listed on Soite’s website.

Think about prevention of respiratory infections even during Christmas and the New Year

There are many respiratory infections circulating in Finland at the moment. The influenza epidemic has begun and there are many cases of infections caused by the RS virus. The coronavirus situation is stable, but the virus is still circulating widely among the citizens.

  • You can protect yourself against the coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory infections in the same way:
  • Take the vaccines that are recommended – they offer the best protection against a serious illness.
  • Stay at home when you are ill – even during Christmas.
  • Wash your hands, cough and sneeze into your sleeve – the best way to avoid respiratory infections is taking care of the hygiene.
  • Assess your own risks, use a mask if needed and keep a distance.
  • Make sure the ventilation is sufficient.