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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The department of general medicine Y0 YLE treats and rehabilitates patients within the field of general medicine, and patients who need palliative and hospice care. Palliative care refers to the active comprehensive care for terminally ill patients at the point when curative treatment is no longer possible.

The ward has a total of 23 patient beds. People come to ward treatment either via the joint emergency services or for follow-up care from, for example, other specialties. Ward treatment requires a doctor’s referral or an agreement for the use of the support ward that has been made together with the palliative outpatient clinic’s patient, in which case a separate referral is not required. The use of the support ward applies to hospice or palliative patients, when the patient’s symptoms require ward treatment.

The aim of the department’s activities is to promote the patient’s health, functional capacity and quality of life, taking into account also the well-being and coping of their friends and family, which includes helping the relatives and friends of palliative care patients live on after the patient’s death. Ward care aims to help the patient live in their own home or in another suitable environment. The goal of care and rehabilitation in the wards is always primarily that the patient can manage at home, or in another environment from which they have come to receive treatment or rehabilitation, either without services or with the help of various services.

The department develops patient-oriented care and rehabilitation for general medicine and palliative and hospice patients. The development also includes the overall evaluation of pharmacotherapy, i.e. monitoring of pharmacological treatment, evaluation of its effects and promotion of pharmacotherapeutic safety together with the ward’s pharmacist.

The department cooperates with various actors in our region, e.g. with other specialties of specialized medical care, outpatient health care, social workers, hospital priests, ward pharmacists, palliative outpatient clinics and home hospitals, and with the cancer society. In addition, partners include Oulu University Hospital and other hospitals.


The department’s general visiting hours are 2 pm to 3 pm and 6 pm to 7 pm.
Visitis at other times have to be agreed separately with the healthcare personnel.

2-3 visitors are allowed in the department at a time. Please visit only when you are in good health. The visitor must ensure they maintain good hand hygiene.

We kindly request that the relatives/friends of patients agree on a contact person among themselves who will inform other relatives/friends about the patient’s health/situation. By contacting the department secretary, you can arrange a time to talk with the doctor about matters related to the treatment.

Care fees

For short-term ward care, a daily fee is charged, and for long-term institutional care, a monthly fee based on the patient’s income is charged.