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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Contact by phone

You can call the emergency social services e.g. in following situations:

  • in a sudden and unexpected crisis where urgent help is needed
  • when you are concerned about a child and want to do a child protection notification
  • in a case of domestic violence
  • in situations where under-aged persons are using intoxicating substances or committing criminal acts
  • in urgent situations where an elderly/disabled person cannot live alone at home
  • in other social emergencies where urgent help is needed

Report your worry (contact in accordance with the Social Welfare Act)

Via the functions for reporting your worry, you can express concern over a child, an elderly person or some other resident in the municipality. Your worry is conveyed via the system automatically to Soite’s emergency social services.  When you have reported your worry, the responsibility for the assessment of the need of care and help is transferred to the authorities in social welfare.

You can make a child protection notification if you are concerned over a child’s welfare. You may be concerned over difficulties when it comes to the care and bringing up a child or a youth, use of intoxicating substances in the family or violence. 

If there is concern, a report can also be done on other persons than children. Concern over an adult may arise e.g. if a person seems incapable of taking care of themselves and their safety.

Anyone who is concerned over another person’s life situation may contact the authorities, i.e. even private persons may do this.

An authority may with the consent of a client or together with a client contact the authority that is responsible for social welfare. If the authority doesn’t have a consent, a report on the need of social welfare or a child protection notification is made.

In an urgent situation, call the emergency social services.

Information about the service

Contact emergency social welfare services when you require urgent help in such matters as child welfare, family crises, domestic violence, life management, mental health or substance abuse. Emergency social welfare services are available 24 hours a day.

Emergency social welfare services work in cooperation with emergency health care services, rescue services, the police, the Emergency Response Centre and other authorities.

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