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We recommend renewing the prescription first through the OmaKanta service. If you can’t renew your prescription from OmaKanta or you want to send a clarification about your medication to a professional, you can send a message to the health center about the renewal request through Soite’s My Healthcare service.


Central Ostrobothnia Central Hospital or the joint emergency room do not accept renewal requests sent through a pharmacy or MyKanta.

If a special medicine prescribed by a specialist doctor runs out before the next check-up appointment, contact the specialised medical care unit that prescribed the medicine.

Renewal of prescription via the MyKanta service

In MyKanta, it is easy to send a request for a prescription renewal to the healthcare services if the healthcare unit responsible for your care accepts requests for prescription renewals electronically. A parent or guardian can also send a request for a prescription renewal for a child under the age of 10.

Renew your prescription via your local health center

You can renew a prescription by sending a message to your health center via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service or by contacting the center by phone.

Contact by phone

Renewal of prescription via pharmacy

An electronic prescription can be renewed not only through the MyKanta service or your own health center, but also through the pharmacy, in which case the pharmacy forwards the renewal request to the health center. The pharmacy may charge a fee for forwarding the request.

Please note that the prescription renewal request must be made no later than eight (8) days before the medication runs out.

Kela reimburses medicines, from clinical nutrition products to basic creams, which are prescribed by prescription to treat your illness, and for which reimbursement has been confirmed.

Information about the service

Prescription renewal requests must always be submitted to the unit where the patient was treated. A doctor’s appointment may be required to renew the prescription. When renewing a prescription, the doctor must check that the medicine is compatible with any other medications used by the patient.

You can request the renewal of your prescription during a doctor’s appointment, at a pharmacy, in Kela’s MyKanta online service, or by contacting your local health and social services centre. If there are no problems with the renewal, it will be completed within eight days.

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