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Birth control counselling is meant for those in need of contraception. The goal is to find a contraceptive that is appropriate and suitable for each individual and couple. Birth control counselling can be given on choosing, using and monitoring the use of different contraceptives. Before coming to an appointment, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the different options and to think about what you want from birth control. You can also contact a birth control clinic regarding a suspicion of a sexually transmitted disease.

Birth control clinics also offer family planning advice to support your own family plans.

The services of the birth control clinics are intended for everyone who needs the services. Visits to a birth control clinic are free of charge and confidential.

Students who do not live in Kokkola also receive birth control counselling services from their own student health care unit.

Booking an appointment to a birth control clinic

You can book an appointment to a birth control clinic via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service:

You can book an appointment via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service:

  • if you want to start using birth control
  • if you want to change contraception
  • if you need a check-up
  • for a pap smear if a public health nurse or doctor has recommended a pap smear for you. 

Make an appointment with a public health nurse in your area of residence.

If necessary, enter the reason for booking an appointment/additional information but only briefly. 

All appointments that have been booked to a birth control clinic can be viewed digitally in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service and you can move and cancel periodic check-ups that you have booked 24 hours before the appointment.

You can also book an appointment to the birth control clinic in your area by phone if:

  • you book an appointment for the insertion, change or removal of an IUD. An appointment for insertion of an IUD cannot be booked digitally because the appointment is to a doctor.
  • if you need service in a language other than Finnish or Swedish
  • you do not wish to use digital services or there is a problem with logging into the service

Doctors’ appointments are booked by phone or in connection with a visit to a public health nurse.

Cancellation of an appointment

Cancellation must be made two days before the booked appointment. When it comes to persons who are 15 years of age or older, a client fee is charged if a doctor’s appointment at a birth control clinic is not used and is not cancelled.

A message via the My Healthcare service to an infectious diseases nurse

You can contact an infectious diseases nurse digitally using the message function in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service. You can contact an infectious diseases nurse via a message via the My Healthcare service if you have questions about sexually transmitted diseases or wish to request a test. Screening for sexually transmitted diseases is the responsible way to act, especially if one changes partners. We encourage you to contact us and to seek out testing even if you do not have any symptoms.

Birth control free of charge for persons under the age of 25

Soite provides free birth control for residents in the Soite area who are under 25 years of age. Youths can receive free birth control at Soite’s birth control clinics and the student health care.

You can book an appointment to a birth control clinic digitally via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service:

The range of free birth control includes hormonal birth control pills, birth control rings, IUDs, implants and condoms. The method of birth control that is best suited for the young person is chosen together with professionals.

Access to free birth control brings young people to check-ups by professionals, and at the same time, effort is made to promote health in young people. Alongside free birth control, young people are offered evidence-based sex counselling. In addition to birth control clinics, sexual counselling is provided in school and student health care.

Cervical cancer screening exams — mass screenings in the form of pap smears

Mass screenings are carried out at the maternity health clinic in your area. Cervical cancer mass screenings are performed by age group for 30-, 35-, 40-, 45-, 50-, 55-, 60- and 65-year-olds. A personal invitation and the results of the test are sent home to the examined. The examination is free of charge to the client.

Clients must book their mass screening pap smear test appointment online themselves by following the instructions in their invitation.

Other services

You can also get help and information from the birth control clinic regarding infertility, maintenance of sexual health, prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of sexual violence, sexual orientation, gender experience and relationships.

Residents outside of the area

Soite’s birth control clinic is only intended for residents in Soite’s area and for clients of student health care. If you live outside of Soite’s area, you must submit a written notification of the change of place of care (Notification on the selection of health care station), or submit a treatment plan made in the municipality of residence to the new place of care before visiting the clinic.