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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The task of family counselling

The task of family counselling is to offer upbringing and family counselling by supporting and furthering the mental well-being of children, adolescents and families as well as their life management. The services are free of charge, voluntary and confidential for clients.

Family counselling gives expert help when there are challenges in the family. There may arise situations for example in matters concerning raising children and their development and relationships in families where outside help may offer new points of view.

 You can contact a family counselling clinic if:

  • you are worried about how your child acts, about their frame of mind or other matters concerning their emotional life
  • you wish to discuss your child’s development or raising them
  • your child has difficulties at day-care, in school or with friends
  • you have questions about being a parent
  • you wish for help with resolving conflicts in your family
  • you wish for help with problems in your couple relationship
  • your family is considering a breakup or your family needs help with coping with a breakup
  • there have been losses or other difficult life situations in the family

More information on support for the couple relationship and on divorce services in the Soite area:

Forms of work

At the moment, there are psychologist and family therapists as well as office workers working at the family counselling clinic. Services are also carried out for Swedish-speaking customers.

If needed, we cooperate with those that are important to the child and the family.

The work can be individual, couple or family meetings, examining the child and working with the network.

Contact by phone

Information about the service

You can book an appointment to the family counselling clinic without a referral.