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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Booking an appointment for a health examination

You can also book an appointment for a health examination by calling your own nurse for informal caregivers.

Before the health examination, fill out the form for medical history for the elderly digitally in the My Healthcare service or as a printout. The completed form is reviewed during the health examination together with a public health nurse. The form serves as an aid for professionals in surveying your health status and ability to function.

The contents of a well-being and health examination

During a well-being and health examination, you can confidentially discuss your physical, mental and social situation with a public health nurse and measurements are taken related to your health and ability to function (e.g. laboratory tests).

The goal is to support your work as a caregiver and your caregiving duties, and to find things that promote your health and help you cope. A health examination may not be necessary if you are, for example, covered by occupational health services.

The health and well-being examination is used to go through your overall situation. In addition to supporting you as a caregiver, the purpose of examinations is to identify chronic diseases that are common in the country, to help prevent them through lifestyle guidance and to direct the client to health care services if necessary. The health and well-being examination also contains service guidance.