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As the name suggests, a medical certificate is a certificate or statement written by a doctor about the ability to drive or work, or about an illness or disability. There are several different types of medical certificates. The certificate can be obtained either at the reception or afterwards and is always given to the client themselves.

Certificate for a driving license and renewal of driving license

A medical certificate is required to obtain or renew a driving license. The examination includes, among other things, examination of vision and hearing, measurement of blood pressure, and evaluation of the general state of health.

Contact Soite’s health care stations for more information about health examinations for a driving license.

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Identification in the My Healthcare service is done via the online service To identify yourself, you need online banking codes or a mobile certificate.

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You may need a medical certificate for a driving licence, a pilot’s licence, certain insurance policies or a new job. A health certificate is issued by a doctor after carrying out a health check. In the certificate, your state of health is examined from the perspective of the purpose for which the certificate is applied for.

Medical certificates are issued by occupational health care services, the health and social services centre or private doctors.

Every person has the right to a certificate detailing their state of health, when this is necessary, for example, for their treatment, livelihood or studying.