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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Persons who are entitled to an influenza vaccine free of charge:

  • Persons who are pregnant
  • Persons under the age of 65
  • Under 7-year-old children
  • Persons who belong to an at-risk group because of illness or treatment
  • Men starting their military service and women starting their voluntary military service
  • Personnel in social and health care and pharmaceutical services who take part in immediate care or services for patients and clients
  • Those close to a person who is particularly susceptible to serious influenza

Persons who live or stay for long periods in institutional conditions, including prisons, are also entitled to a free vaccination.

A public health nurse, nurse or doctor will assess whether a person belongs to the target group for a free vaccination. A person who does not belong to the target group can ask for a prescription and buy the vaccine from a pharmacy. Persons who do not belong to an at-risk group and have acquired the vaccine by prescription will also be given the vaccine at the same locations in Soite.

The influenza vaccine and a coronavirus vaccination can be taken at the same time, and we recommend that the influenza vaccine be taken at the same time as the corona vaccine’s booster dose in late autumn/early winter if the person is entitled to a coronavirus vaccination.

Booking an appointment for vaccination

A vaccination appointment must be booked in advance either online or by phone from your local health centre. Even a vaccination of a 5-11-year-old child must be booked in advance.

  • Online booking in the My Healthcare service is open 24/7.
  • Log on to the My Healthcare service with your online bank user identifiers (or some other means of strong identification) in order to book an appointment for yourself.
    • The days that still have appointments available are marked with green colour in the web calendar.
    • You can book an appointment for another person if you have made an agreement regarding this.
  • Telephone booking via your local health centre.

The online booking works more smoothly and we recommend that appointments are booked online if possible.