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Contact an expert via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service

You can send an electronic message to a doctors’ and nurses’ reception when it suits you best. We will answer your message or will contact you as soon as possible during office hours.

Identification in the My Healthcare service is done via the web service For identification, you need online bank user identifiers or a mobile certificate.

1. Log on to the My Healthcare service. For identification, you need online bank user identifiers or a mobile certificate. Identification is done via the web service
2. Click on “Messages” in the menu on the My Healthcare site if you wish to send a message. The first time you use the system, the system asks your permission for sending messages.
3. Click on “New message” and fill in the fields on the electronic form. If you wish to send your message to the nurse’s and doctor’s reception in Kokkola, choose it in the menu if you have not been assigned your own contact person. If you have been assigned a contact person, choose “Assigned contact person, nurses’ and doctors’ reception” as the recipient.
4. Write your message and send it by clicking on Send.

Contact and appointment booking

Patients come to health care centre receptions via appointment booking. A health care professional will process your booking and assess your need of treatment and, if possible, takes care of your errand completely by phone or online.

You can also fill in a symptom checker online in the Omaolo service and get reliable information on whether your symptoms require care by a professional or if self-care is sufficient.

More information on the Omaolo service in Soite (the text is available in Finnish and in Swedish).

If your need of treatment is such that you need the expertise of another group of professionals or need to come to the reception, the contacts you need are organized without any unnecessary delay.

Many things associated with your health may be conveniently taken care of online or by phone, and you do not then necessarily need to visit a health care centre at all. In other words, the reception will give you advice and care instructions if a visit to the reception is not necessary. Our goal is to strengthen the patient’s role in treating his/her own illness. Treatment is then not dependant on when the health care centre is open.

Please primarily contact the doctors’ and nurses’ reception in your own area. When you call the reception, one of our health care professionals will answer your call. If all of our health care professionals are busy with other calls, you can leave a request to be called back. We will call you as soon as possible.

If your employer has a contract with occupational health services, please primarily contact your occupational health services.

If your symptoms or your illness do/does not require a visit to a doctor, a nurse/public health nurse has a right to prescribe sick leave for 1-3 days.

Please note!

When you come to an appointment, please take the list on your medicines as well as your papers that are associated with following up your treatment, e.g. your card for your blood pressure measurements with you. If you have a prolonged pulmonary disease, please also take the inhalers that have been prescribed for you with you.

Necessary contacts with expert nurses (diabetes nurse, asthma nurse, cardiac nurse, rheumatology nurse etc.) are usually also booked via the appointment booking at doctors’ receptions. Expert nurses may also be consulted by nurses who assess the need of treatment. Thus, their expertise can be used as much as possible when needed.

We offer our clients who use Marevan a possibility to use online services in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service. A client and a nurse agree together on transitioning to online services if the client is suitable for the services.

Online services are suitable for non-urgent care to support a client’s self-care.


  • it is possible for clients who use Marevan and are suitable for online services to check their own INR values and medicine doses, their lists of medicines and their vaccination information via the My Healthcare service 24/7.
  • the client does not need to queue on the phone
  • the client’s responsibility for his/her treatment increases
  • it is easier for the client to take care of his/her health care errands

The online My Healthcare services offers clients the possibility to be a part of the team that cares for him/her. The team includes a doctor, a nurse and the client. The doctor and the nurse use their expertise to support the citizen in taking care of his/her health and in having control over his/her illness.

The coronavirus and respiratory infections

In Soite’s area, patients who have a cold or coronavirus symptoms are tested and treated at the health care centres. More information on Soite’s coronavirus pages:

Contact by phone

Contact outside of office hours

If you are in need of urgent care on a weekday between 4 pm and 8 am or on a weekend or on a midweek holiday (24/7), contact the Medical Helpline 116 117.

In an emergency, call 112.

Soites health care stations are divided into health and social services centres, health and social services stations and Soite’s service points.

  • The health and social services centres have the most comprehensive range of services. The on-call services and receptions have been centralized to the health and social services centres. Soite’s health and social services centres (health care centres) are located in Kokkola (the main health care station), in Kannus and in Tunkkari, Veteli.
  • The services that the health and social services stations offer are not constant and depend on the station. The stations offer expert receptions, receptions by doctors from different specialities as well as maternity and child health clinics and social services. The health and social services stations (health care stations) are located in Kruunupyy, Kälviä, Toholampi and Perho.
  • Soite’s service points are local low-threshold services that have a flexible range of services. Soite’s service points are located in Koivuhaka in Kokkola and in Lestijärvi, Ullava, Lohtaja, Teerijärvi and Alaveteli.

Choosing the place of non-urgent care

A client may change his/her place of care within Soite even for one visit without a separate written notification. A person may choose a health care centre/health care station for his/her primary health care anywhere in mainland Finland.

Information about the service

Clients come to the receptions after having contacted appointment booking.