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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

Contact via the Omaolo service

The Omaolo symptom checkers give the user an assessment of the need of treatment. The assessment is based on the reported symptoms and on medical research. The user decides whether the symptom checker is sent to a professional. If the symptom checker is sent, a professional in Soite will contact the Omaolo user digitally.

Professionals in Soite’s dental care process symptom checkers on weekdays between 8 AM and 3 PM. By using the Omaolo service, a client easily gets access to help, and a health care professional receives preliminary information about the situation in advance.

The Omaolo service is meant for citizens who have turned 15, live permanently in Finland and have the right to public social and health care services.

Booking an appointment for an adult

Appointments for adults are booked by phone via the clinic’s phone number for appointment booking.

When a client calls the appointment booking, the reason for the contact is found out through an interview, and an assessment is made of the need of care and the urgency. The client is then steered to the care s/he needs, i.e. to a dentist, a dental hygienist or an orthodontist.

If the matter is not urgent, you may leave a request to be called back. We will call you during the same day.

Booking an appointment for a child

For children who are not yet in school (1-, 3- and 5-year-old children), a dental hygienist or a dental nurse check-up is booked via the online appointment booking in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service.  Further check-ups are done as agreed in accordance with individual need. Appointments may also be changed and cancelled on the web via DigiSoite.

A text message reminder about an appointment is sent automatically to everyone three days before an appointment, if this has not been forbidden separately. You can update your phone number in the system via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service. Even if a text message reminder is not sent, a client is charged for an appointment that s/he does not use and that s/he has not cancelled.

The oral and dental care uses a web-based My Healthcare service in DigiSoite. It includes:

  • Booking a dental nurse appointment online for a 1- or 3-year-old child.
  • Booking a dental hygienist appointment online for a 5-year-old child.
  • Most cancellations of and changes concerning booked appointments
  • The digital medical history form (is filled out before coming to a dental health check-up)

Urgent dental care on weekdays

Problems that require urgent care are for example:
– a sudden strong pain that disturbs the sleep and is no longer alleviated by pain medication
– bleeding that doesn’t stop with the methods that are available at home
– strong swelling that is associated with difficulty breathing and swallowing or a high fever
– the loss of a permanent tooth in an accident
– a recent accident that has caused damage to teeth or otherwise to the mouth and is accompanied with difficulty breathing, swallowing or opening the mouth

Problems that do not require urgent care:
– mild or minor symptoms that have lasted for several days
– cracks in teeth, a filling or a dental implant that has come loose
– a broken dental prosthesis.

Please note:
Fill out the digital medical history form in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service before coming to the appointment:

All patients over the age of 18 are charged in accordance with health care centre fees. The same applies to persons from other municipalities.

Patients over the age of 18 are charged for an appointment that they have not used and have not cancelled.

Changing or cancelling an appointment

An appointment may be cancelled or changed:

The appointment must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the appointment. Patients over the age of 18 are charged in accordance with the decree for an appointment they have not used and have not cancelled.

The possibility to change and cancel appointments online does not apply to the following appointments:

  • a pupil’s check-up at a certain age
  • orthodontics
  • surgical appointments
  • appointments for treatment under laughing gas

These appointments must be changed or cancelled by phone.

Registration at a clinic

When you come to a clinic, please register yourself at a self-registration point using the bar code on your Kela card or driving licence or by typing in your personal identity code.

Oral health guidance for families expecting a child

Oral health guidance for families expecting a child is carried out in Soite via video link through DigiSoite’s Omahoito service.

Families make an appointment themselves for oral health guidance via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service. Soite does not send a separate reminder about this appointment.

Identification in the Omahoito service is done through the web service. To identify yourself, you need online banking credentials or a mobile certificate.

Since the appointment is considered non-urgent care, there may be several months before a time is available. You can book an appointment when there is an available appointment time, regardless of where the dental hygienist’s or dental nurse’s office is located.

You can join the remote reception five minutes before the start of the appointment. You can join the remote reception by logging into the My Healthcare service, where you can join the video reception. When connecting to remote reception by phone, you need the Lifecare video application, which can be downloaded from the application store.

Dental and oral health for a child who still visits the child health clinic

The groundwork for good lifelong oral health is laid in early childhood. It is of utmost importance that parents are interested in taking care of their own and their child’s dental and oral health.

It is recommended that a child is taught healthy eating habits. Regular meal times are followed, snacking is avoided, and water is used to quench the thirst.

It is recommended the child is given advice and instructions on daily dental and oral care e.g. by brushing the teeth twice a day. 

All dental care appointments for children who still visit the child health clinic (1-6-year-old children) are booked online via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service. An appointment may also be changed or cancelled in the My Healthcare service. If you cannot use online booking, you can book an appointment by calling your dental clinic.

An appointment for an oral and dental check-up for a child who still visits the child health clinic is booked to a dental nurse or a dental hygienist online via DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service.

Book your child’s first oral and dental check-up when your child is 1 years old. The following appointments are booked when the child is 3 and 5 years old. If your child has not been to an oral and dental check-up as a 1-year-old, book an appointment as soon as possible.

Please note:
Fill out the digital medical history form about the child’s health in DigiSoite’s My Healthcare service before coming to an oral and dental check-up.

When the child gets older and until the child is six years old, the parents/the persons who have custody of the child book an appointment for the child in accordance with the individual patient care plan that has been agreed on during a visit to a clinic.

The intervals between appointments depend on the child’s dental and oral health, general health and dental care habits at home.

A child is invited to a dentist for the first time for a dental check-up when the child starts school, usually in the summer before school starts.

When a family moves to the area, the parents must make sure the child’s oral and dental care continues without interruptions and must, therefore, book an appointment to their dental clinic.

Oral and dental care for pupils and students

The groundwork for lifelong oral health is laid at school age. Oral and dental care services are a part of a pupil’s school and student health care services. Cooperation between the home, school and the dental clinic is of utmost importance.

Pupils are asked to come for an oral health check-up on grades 1, 3, 5 and 8 or depending on their individual need of care.

Pupils are asked to come for an oral health check-up on grades 1, 3, 5 and 8. Information on the time for the appointment is sent home to the pupil via letter and under the pupil’s name.

The visits to oral and dental care are divided into visits to a regular dentist, a dental hygienist or an orthodontist.

In addition to the check-ups at a certain age, pupils may be asked to come for dental care in accordance with an individual patient care plan.

We hope a parent/guardian takes part in the child’s dental health care visits.

A dental specialist performs an orthodontic screening on all pupils on the third grade at the latest if the bite has not been assessed before. An invitation to the exam is sent home.

Services are organized with the same principles for those who get student health care services as for other citizens (upper secondary school and other schools that prepare for an occupation. According to the decree, a student has the right to one oral health check-up during the studies. Possible further treatment is decided on based on an individual assessment of the need of care.

We recommend booking an appointment during the first year as a student, so that there is time to finish the possible further treatment. 

The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS organizes the oral health care for the university and university of applied sciences students in the area.

Contact by phone

Information about the service

Oral health care services include the promotion of oral health, oral health examinations, and the examination, prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Oral health care operates in cooperation with other health care and social welfare services.

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