Siirry sisältöön
Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia

The goal of student welfare is to promote and support students’ schooling, learning, wellbeing, and social and psychological abilities. Cooperation is carried out with the student and the student’s family and other close people and networks. School psychologists and school social workers in student welfare help students find the necessary services.

School psychologists provide consultation and implement interventions and assessments in areas such as emotional and self-image challenges, general mental health problems, acute life crises, and learning and studying difficulties.

School social workers support the schooling, wellbeing and social abilities of pupils and students. The meetings can be related to e.g. social relationships, as well as matters related to life and everyday management.

Student welfare services are intended for all pupils and students in the welfare services county. Pupils and students can meet with school social workers and school psychologists on the premises of their school or educational institution or in the immediate vicinity of it during a school day.

Pupils, students and parents can contact school social workers and school psychologists directly via Wilma or by phone.

The services of school social workers and school psychologist are free of charge.