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Booking an appointment for a coronavirus vaccination

A vaccination appointment must be booked in advance either online or by phone from your local health centre. Even a vaccination of a 5-11-year-old child must be booked in advance.

  • appointment booking in the My Healthcare service is open 24/7.
  • Log on to the My Healthcare service with your online bank user identifiers (or some other means of strong identification) in order to book an appointment for yourself.
    • The days that still have appointments available are marked with green colour in the web calendar.
    • You can book an appointment for another person if you have made an agreement regarding this.
  • Telephone booking via your local health centre.

The online booking works more smoothly and we recommend that appointments are booked online if possible.

Please note!

An influenza vaccine can be taken at the same time with a coronavirus vaccine.

A vaccination appointment must be booked in advance.

Vaccination days

After the general vaccination days, severely immunocompromised persons may receive a booster dose based on an assessment by a doctor in specialized medical care. In such a case, the appointment is booked via one’s own health care station.

Other information about appointment booking

You can book an appointment via My Healthcare service if you have identifiers that are needed for digital identification (online bank user identifiers or a mobile certificate). If digital identification is not possible, the appointment must be booked by phone.

If an informal caregiver or partner who lives in the same household is vaccinated at the same time, the appointment should be booked by phone for both persons.

We ask persons close to elderly persons to make sure the elderly get an appointment for a vaccination and are able to come to the vaccination site.

The next vaccine dose can be given when enough time has passed since the previous dose. The interval between vaccinations depends on the age and risk group. The vaccination information is checked at the vaccination site and if enough time has not passed since the previous vaccine dose, a new vaccine dose cannot yet be given.

Under aged persons may decide themselves if they want a coronavirus vaccine, if the health care professional administering the vaccine assesses that the child or young person is sufficiently mature to decide on the matter on their own based on their age and development level. In the legislation, no legal age limit has been set for a child’s independent decision, which is why the situation is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. For most of those aged 5–11, the consent of their guardians is required for a vaccination.

If a child is unable make a decision on their own about a vaccination or does not want to decide for themselves, the consent of all guardians is required for the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccinations are voluntary and free of charge. Consent can be given with this form in Finnish.

If the child comes for their vaccination with only one guardian, the guardian who is absent must have signed the consent form. 

More information on vaccines

Information on coronavirus vaccines and answers to frequently asked questions can be found on THL’s website:

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